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The ability to communicate clearly through your writing has become more important than ever in today’s lightning-fast business environment. In fact, hiring managers say they specifically look for people with superior writing skills when they are hiring new employees. And to be honest, if you’re sending out written correspondence — from emails to memos to reports and more — with errors, typos and bad grammar, it looks terrible and can have a permanent effect on how people see you.

We’ve taken the dread out of learning these essential business skills and created a course that’s actually INTERESTING and FUN to attend!

That’s why we developed this course, Business Grammar & Proofreading, a fun training session that makes learning this critical skill fun — not like a mindless, boring day back in fourth-grade grammar class. Packed with enjoyable exercises, lively discussion and real-world examples of how you SHOULD be writing, this can be…seriously…a career-changing class.

Attendees have told us that after they get back to work, they receive high praise for their writing, and other employees begin to copy their style. That can be you too if you enroll in this terrific course today!

What you will learn

Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Grammar and Usage Revisited
Define the parts of speech and their functions.
Explain how to make sure subjects and verbs agree, including the use of pronouns.
Master common punctuation rules — and how punctuation marks can add emphasis to your documents.
Discover overall guidelines on capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms, jargon and more.
Session 2: Editing and Proofreading
Describe the important differences between proofreading and editing.
Learn techniques for proofreading quickly without sacrificing accuracy.
Discover visual tricks for catching hard-to-find errors.
Overcome common spelling problems, especially if you don’t have a knack for it.
Session 3: Writing Tone and Voice
Understand why concise communication is imperative today.
Learn the importance of establishing a casual, friendly tone.
Use active voice to communicate more powerfully.
Deconstruct sentence types, and learn why the more types you use, the more interesting your writing will be.

Course: Business Grammar and Proofreading

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