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Superior knowledge and experience don’t always translate into the ability to teach others. And though the role of trainer is one of the most important duties you fill as a supervisor, there’s a good chance you’ve never had any training in it. It’s perfectly normal — despite being a crucial part of your job, a manager’s role as teacher is often overlooked.

And that’s exactly why you need The Supervisor’s Role as Trainer & Coach. This fun and informative seminar is jam-packed with proven strategies and expert techniques to help you train your staff more effectively, improving their efficiency and making you a better overall manager.

It’s a simple formula: A well-educated staff is a good staff. And the key to a well-educated staff is good training and coaching from management. But, too often good supervisors overlook this vital part of their job and leave their staff to their own devices…struggling to learn through trial and error. Not only is this a huge time-waster, but it also doesn’t allow you to transfer knowledge you’ve gained through experience.

And that’s exactly why you can’t afford to miss this fun and entertaining seminar. It gives you the strategies you need to share your knowledge and experience with your staff, making them more effective right away. Don’t wait, sign up now!

What you will learn

Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Training and Coaching 101: Your Role as a Supervisor
Get comfortable as a "trainer" — how improving your skills will lead to improved performance from your employees.
Learn why coaching is more important than ever in today’s diverse workplace.
Develop the most crucial skills displayed by great supervisors and coaches.
Use a powerful tactic to address one major aspect of training: addressing deficiencies.
Session 2: Overcoming Communication Barriers and Different Learning Styles
Discover common barriers to learning — and how to get around them.
Four main motivation killers — avoid these at all costs.
Recognize different learning styles and adjust your training to each person.
Have you been crystal clear or clear as mud? Practice these top techniques for improving clarity.
The real purpose of feedback: Help your staff understand where they stand in relation to expected results.
Session 3: Engagement, Motivation and Encouraging Continued Learning
Develop strategies to gently provide feedback to sensitive or easily discouraged team members.
Keep your staff interested and motivated during training by building emotional connections between employees and opportunities.
Find personal motivators: Tips for engaging less-than-enthusiastic employees and reluctant learners.
Make sure your staff understands not just the how — but the why — of continuing education.
One size does not fit all! Set meaningful objectives and measure individual skill development.

Course: The Supervisor's Role as Trainer and Coach

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