Delivery Method: Virtual Live

The Virtual Experience

Attend a live training event from anywhere

Virtual Live training is not a new approach when it comes to live instructor-led training, but it may be the next best learning & development method you’ll discover today. It’s used by many corporations as a highly-effective way to get their workers trained in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

What is Virtual Live Training?

Virtual Live training is a hands-on, interactive training experience. It’s a live, scheduled event taught by a subject matter expert that remote learners can interact with in the moment.

Listen and Interact

Virtual courses allow students to interact with the instructor, other students, demonstrations, and the virtual environment they will use to complete lab exercises. Our training partners utilize web technology to connect students, via their web browser, to the virtual classroom for remote business skills training.

Other Ways to Learn Business Skills

TrainUp has helped hundreds of companies organize their customized on-site / in-house training events

Custom Onsite / Virtual Live Business Skills Training For Teams & Groups

    With TrainUp’s On-Site Training Services, You Get:
  • Dedicated Private Event Representative
  • Tenured & Award-Winning Instructor
  • Customized Training Curriculum
  • Affordable Cost Per Participant
  • Flexible Scheduling

Training Partners

New Horizons
Global Knowledge
Biz Library
Virtually Foster Team Building For The Entire Organization

Although the in-person classroom provides an opportunity for individuals to engage directly, the virtual live environment has its own unique set of learning features.  Your team building training will be beneficial during the current upswing in virtual meetings, teams, and entire organizations who are adjusting to working remotely.  Your team building skills are necessary to build future collaborations and help colleagues grow together. 

Virtual Live And Team Building

Working together has become a lot tougher now, but you should still be able to motivate other members of your team by getting them excited about virtual live learning!  A person with great team building skills will be able to adjust and be flexible with priorities and challenges.  Recognizing your strengths is part of the battle, with the virtual live learning environment, once you have tapped into your team building skills, you will find yourself feeling more motivated to help others overcome their challenges as well.