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Leaders inevitably are tasked with solving problems, thus making leadership a core competency for solid decision making and problem solving across an organization.  If an organization is faced with an internal or external challenge, oftentimes leadership is deployed to tackle the issue.  Someone with great leadership qualities has the ability to see the overall scope before taking any action towards finding a solution.  Leadership requires strategic planning and action, in challenging times, much of the heavy lifting is absorbed by the individuals in leadership roles.  Leadership skills have always been a strong skillset that determines success.

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Effective communication, as a leader, means that you have the capability of communicating to your cohorts, colleagues, or team members in a way that conveys your message effectively without having to reiterate or retract messages. Communication is not limited to the ability to speak clearly, it is equally important to listen and understand, prior to offering advice or solutions.  A leader’s way of communicating is instructive, motivating, precise, as well as direct, making leadership a tough skill for some individuals.