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As a working professional, you will benefit from having the coping skills to temper and manage conflict in the workplace.  Collaborating is by far the most impactful of all conflict management styles as it aims to arrive at a “win-win situation” for all parties.  Collaborating almost demands that you take a bird’s eye view and consider all sides before arriving at a conclusion.  Each conflict management style has its own unique result but being equipped with the skills to know the difference and how to employ them will create the results you desire.

Virtual Live And Conflict Management

In order to have a successful career, in any profession, conflict management is a crucial soft skill that can differentiate you from other peers and colleagues.  There are five major conflict management styles to consider when faced with conflict of any kind, the fourth being compromising.  Compromising is often referred to as a “lose-lose situation” and often gives the false impression that compromising does not have a positive impact.  Arriving at an amicable solution to an issue is oftentimes reached by both parties agreeing to disagree.