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Manage Conflict Now Through Microlearning

Conflict management styles include avoiding, competing, accommodating, compromising, and collaborating, each producing a different outcome that can have a strong impact on you as a working professional. Microlearning will help you temper conflict before it leads to irreconcilable differences, strained relationships, loss of work, or even a lack of respect in working relationships.

Microlearning And Conflict Management

It is important to be capable of managing conflict, regardless of where you are in your career, having conflict management skills are a necessity. There are different conflict management styles that can be applied when addressing, engaging in, and resolving conflict. People handle conflict in many different ways, requiring a different conflict management style.  We must use one or all conflict management styles in an effort to avoid, compete, accommodate, compromise, or collaborate when managing conflict both personally and professionally.  As a working professional, you will benefit from having the coping skills to temper and manage conflict in the workplace.