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Learning The Right Conflict Management Techniques

Accommodating is the type of conflict management style that resolves conflict by one or more parties simply giving in, surrendering, or letting go of the conflict without a true resolution.  Although accommodating a person during conflict may seem easy at first, choosing to give up and simply “agree to disagree” can have a negative impact on the overall relationship and lead to future conflict due to previous unresolved issues.

Classroom Live And Conflict Management

In order to have a successful career, in any profession, conflict management is a crucial soft skill that can differentiate you from other peers and colleagues.  There are five major conflict management styles to consider when faced with conflict of any kind.  Competing is a direct and sometimes blunt way of addressing and managing conflict.  Although this style may yield more immediate results, this assertive response to uncooperative, conflicting behaviors may have in negative impact on the overall work environment, team, or individuals involved.