Delivery Method: Microlearning

What Is Microlearning

Microlearning is a short, focused learning nugget (often 3-5 mins long or shorter) that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome.

Benefits Of Microlearning-Based Training

  • Learner-centric

    Microlearning courses appeal to learners due to their personalized and flexible learning path. The varied formats used to create these short courses are more likely to match individual learning styles.

  • Just-in-time

    Perhaps the most appealing benefit for the learners, these courses are available to precisely at the moment of learning need.

  • Accessible

    Microlearning is designed for multi-device delivery (from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones), thereby providing higher flexibility to learners when and how they desire.

  • Time Efficient

    Microlearning is ideal for learners that are on-the-go, with shorter attention spans and greatly appeals to millennial learners.

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Team Building Is More Than Just Productivity

Employers who hire individuals with team building skills hire them because they are aware of how a group works together, achieves together, and creates results together. Good team building skills are essential in any organization where two or more people work together or where interactions are necessary to meet the goals of an organization. Team building skills are critical skills needed for jobs in the hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, arts, and industries where there are groups of professionals collaborating on a common goal.  Teamwork means that everyone is working as one unit.   The importance of microlearning, and how teams work and build together, is an essential part of growing as a team member and leader.

MicroLearning And Team Building

No matter what profession you are in, team building is the process of causing a group of people to work together efficiently as a team through activities that are designed to increase teamwork and encourage cooperation between individuals. Building stronger bonds between members of a group amplifies the mutual respect and unity between them to work towards a common goal to achieve collective success.