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With great conflict management skills, you will be equipped with the key leadership skills needed to make difficult decisions.  There are five major conflict management styles to consider when faced with conflict of any kind.  Avoiding is used by individuals who prefer to avoid confronting the conflict altogether.  Avoiding comes across as delayed decision making, or simply separating the individuals involved in conflict, in an effort to avoid future disagreements. Although moving an employee from one department to another may work in some organizations, this form of conflict management may not be suitable in all circumstances.

Elearning And Conflict Management

Conflict resolution is an important skill, it plays a key role in maintaining relationships, helps teams stay cohesive, and enhances the work environment by improving human relationships and organizational effectiveness.  Acknowledging and accepting the diverse opinions, perspectives, and behaviors of others is an important aspect of teamwork.  Without the conflict management skills, it may be detrimental to leave issues unsolved.