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For most of us, social media is a permanent part of our lives — entertaining us, connecting us with others, allowing us to share our lives and helping to shape our decisions. The same is true for business. If you want to be successful in the modern world, you need to be on social media.

Generate leads, connect with customers and watch your business grow! Building effective social media campaigns might seem daunting, but it all starts with a good foundation. When your foundation is strong, your campaigns become unstoppable.

So if you’re getting ready to launch a social media campaign for the first time — or if you’re looking for new ways to improve your game — this LIVE, virtual 2-day workshop has everything you need to generate real results from social media and bring remarkable success to your business. Enroll today.

Program time: 3 hours each day (6 hours total)

DAY 1: Building the foundation for success
Session 1: Introduction to social media marketing
Advertising vs. content persuasion: How social media redefined marketing
Determining what makes content meaningful and shareable
The simple, step-by-step method to creating effective content with the AIDA formula
Thought leadership…and why it’s critical for marketing on social media
How to construct a marketing campaign that includes your mission, message and chosen marketing channels
Session 2: Your marketing mission
Purpose-driven marketing — why you need to care
Understanding the most common marketing objectives 
How to choose the right objective — setting the stage for success
Making your objectives come alive with goals and actions
Bringing it all together — writing your strategy statement
Session 3: Understanding the target market
Demographics, psychographics and other ways to get to know your audience
The focus you need to discover what really drives your consumer
The 4 questions you must answer for your social media campaign to work
Products or people? Understanding the new “digital way of thinking”
Finding your audience…who do you want to attract?
Session 4: Creating a social media brand message
The messages that invite followers — and the ones that turn them away
Exploring consumer experience: It’s not what you say…it’s what you do.
Why your business is the best: Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Benefit-driven communications: How to sell the sizzle
The secret to getting consumers to write a positive review
Session 5: Social media content creation 
How to rise above that clutter: The challenges of social media marketing 
Taking the audience’s pulse — finding the inspiration you need
Understanding the basics: The best online tools for creating and managing content
Messaging that WOWS your consumer and other types of content you need to include
Establishing your business as a thought leader in your industry
DAY 2: Loading your social media toolbox
Session 1: Social media tool: Facebook®
Learn to get the most from Facebook’s flexibility and advanced tools.
The 11 types of Facebook ads and how to utilize them
Taking advantage of Facebook’s FREE analytics
Why everyone’s testing on Facebook, and why you should too!
Session 2: Social media tool: Instagram®
Harness the power of Instagram with images that make your brand story crystal clear.
How to hashtag your way to success
Showing off your unique visual identity
Finding your micro-influencers
Session 3: Social media tool: LinkedIn®
Discover how LinkedIn can benefit your B-to-C or B-to-B business — regardless of size!
Taking advantage of LinkedIn’s access to the world’s largest professional platform
How to become the recognized expert in your field;
Collaborating with consumers and professional brand building
Session 4: Social media tool: Twitter®
Give your brand the power of a human voice and communicate directly with consumers.
The secret to dominating your niche on Twitter
Connecting with industry leaders to grow your thought leadership
How to create your company’s unique brand persona
Session 5: Social media tool: YouTube®
When it comes to video, no social media channel beats YouTube, a must-have in your social marketing arsenal.
How to build your brand with YouTube’s valuable insights
Tips for publishing the next viral video 
Why it’s critical to optimize your videos

Course: Social Media Marketing

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