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Course ID: 272559 Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
Can you demonstrate your value and ROI to your boss? Are you able to interpret financial reports and make decisions based on the data they provide? Can you draft an accurate budget? Can you justify your ideas in dollars and cents? You didn’t get to this point in your career only to be held back by weak financial skills. This program for non-financial managers makes the basics of finance accessible to anyone in just 2 days.

You’ll learn how to: Interpret and respond appro
Events 1
Duration 9 Days
Course ID: 272546 Financial Forecasting
Financial Forecasting

In this hands-on seminar, you’ll delve into the critical components of forecasting and build forecasts that help power the operations, finance, production, and planning functions in your organization.

You’ll master the key components and skills to create forecasts and learn to translate and appraise the forecasts of others. In addition, you’ll understand how to interpret the meaning of any forecast, whether it’s your own company’s or that of the competition. Whether you’re new or se

Events 1
Duration 10 Days
Course ID: 292482 Business Finance Basics Training
Business Finance Basics Training
Discover how this one day dynamic instructor-led Business Finance Basics Training course will help you gain an understanding of financial statements and budgets necessary to make sound decisions about all aspects of a business. By learning how to read and interpret a few basic financial instruments, you can recognize opportunities to increase revenue and shave expenses, thus increasing your value to the organization.
Events 2
Duration 2 Day

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