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Course ID: 310055 Next Level Power BI for Experienced Users
Next Level Power BI for Experienced Users

Join an engaging hands-on learning environment, where you’ll:

  • Create Advanced Power BI Reports
  • Have an advanced understanding of the data schemas and extracting data
  • Perform advanced transformations of data or any data schema
  • Utilize time-phased data in the creation of complex analyses
  • Create new measures using DAX
  • Filter data using row-level security
  • Create and deploy content packs
  • Use Power BI to integrate with
Events 4
Duration 2 Days
Course ID: 245532 Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
The Key to Working More Effectively With All Types of PeopleLearn why Emotional Intelligence is so i
Events 22
Duration 1 Days
Course ID: 292040 Artificial Intelligence Implementation Boot Camp
Artificial Intelligence Implementation Boot Camp
  • Able to differentiate fact from fiction on AI and machine learning topics
  • Ready to have intelligent conversations about the state of AI and ML technologies
  • Exposed to real-world use cases where machine learning is working well
  • Ready to navigate tool and technology stacks associated with AI and ML, and communicate with your engineering team members about requirements, needs, talent and costs
  • Designing or managing projects and programs which may in
Events 7
Duration 1 Day