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Course ID: 189151 Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Feeling overwhelmed? What if you could learn a process for thinking to make better decisions and create better solutions? In this course, you’ll learn and practice techniques to generate breakthrough ideas and solve your most pressing problems. You’ll also discover how to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions and see others’ viewpoints with clarity. You’ll learn how to: Translate abstract ideas into tangible results Evaluate ideas and adjust assumptions Solve problems based
Events 1
Duration 4 Days
Course ID: 269268 Progressive Contracting Strategies for Programs Training (FPM 332)
Progressive Contracting Strategies for Programs Training (FPM 332)
Successful acquisitions begin by developing clear business and user requirements and progressing through concept development to performance-based contracts
Events 1
Duration 3 Day
Course ID: 292612 Effective Negotiating Skills
Effective Negotiating Skills
This one-day live instructor-led Effective Negotiating Skills Training course teaches the art of closing the deal, using strategic negotiation skills. You will learn how to identify objectives and variables, establish negotiation requirements, research the other party, determine concessions, formulate a plan for agreement, and determine the logistics negotiation.
Events 2
Duration 1 Day