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Course ID: 230830 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
The accelerated lean Six Sigma Black Belt program and methodology allows students to complete certification requirements faster than traditional Six Sigma and Lean training programs. Successful candidates will be awarded the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt cert
Events 1
Duration 5 Days
Course ID: 230834 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Taught by a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Lecture based lessons and interactive presentations. Introduction to Minitab and Advance Excel.
Events 1
Duration 4 Days
Course ID: 189390 Lean Fundamentals
Lean Fundamentals

Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating the eight wastes - considered non-value-adding activities-through continuous improvement by flowing the product completely at the pull of the customer. The eight wastes are: waiting, defects, extra processing, inventory, excessive motion, transportation, over production, and underutilized employees.


Upon completion of this four-day program, attendees can submit a project for a Lean Agent certification.

Events 6
Duration 3 Days