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Course ID: 310508 Assertiveness Skills for Managers & Supervisors
Assertiveness Skills for Managers & Supervisors
This assertiveness skills training workshop teaches that assertive communication is imperative to leading people effectively and earning the cooperation of those around you.
Events 20
Duration 1 Days
Course ID: 235300 Management Skills for New Supervisors
Management Skills for New Supervisors
Change is the norm. You are responsible for your own productivity and that of your staff. Your day-to-day dealings may now include colleagues, your boss, and senior management who all have different interests and viewpoints. This seminar will equip you with proven supervisory techniques that you can put into action immediately. The skills savvy supervisors use to plan, organize, communicate and monitor will become part of your toolkit to effectively manage everyday interactions with
Events 16
Duration 2 Days
Course ID: 272573 Leadership Skills for Supervisors
Leadership Skills for Supervisors

You will explore how to maintain technical expertise while demonstrating the right type of supervisory leadership. This seminar will give you the personal, interpersonal and group skills to be influential in one-on-one situations, facilitate group performance and become an effective leader.

Events 5
Duration 3 Days