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Course ID: 272554 How to Communicate with Diplomacy  Tact and Credibility
How to Communicate with Diplomacy Tact and Credibility
Be a consistently professional communicator—even in difficult circumstances
Events 23
Duration 2 Days
Course ID: 269626 Confidence Building Skills for Women
Confidence Building Skills for Women

Learn how to handle yourself in just about any situation!

Are you afraid to speak up in meetings? Unsure of how to express your ideas with the same confidence you see in others?

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover powerful assertiveness techniques you can use every day, everywhere. You'll learn how to send the right signals so you get the right responses. How to overcome obstacles to assertiveness to get what you want. And how to command respect and ge

Events 10
Duration 1 Days
Course ID: 245512 Breaking Bad Communication Habits
Breaking Bad Communication Habits
Believe it or not, you’re probably making a ton of bad communication mistakes right now. You can’t afford to stay stuck in a rut, making the same bad communication mistakes over and over again. And that’s exactly why you can’t miss this vital career-enhancing good communication vs bad communication training session. Let us help you stop these problems before they start.
Events 10
Duration 1 Days

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