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Course ID: 243797 Assertiveness Training
Assertiveness Training
In this training seminar, you will learn powerful assertiveness training exercises for improving your assertiveness skills to help you deal with conflict at all levels in the organization, discover techniques on how to be an assertive communicator, acquire ways to handle receiving and giving feedback and address business etiquette when professionalism and assertiveness are required. You’ll assess your areas of strength and growth in this critical skill, understand how social styles affect assert
Events 6
Duration 3 Days
Course ID: 272554 How to Communicate with Diplomacy  Tact and Credibility
How to Communicate with Diplomacy Tact and Credibility
Be a consistently professional communicator—even in difficult circumstances
Events 29
Duration 2 Days
Course ID: 269630 How to Flex Your Communication Style
How to Flex Your Communication Style

To become a better communicator and gain commitment from others, you need to understand your own style first—and then how to flex it. Discover your own preferred style and evaluate the opportunities and challenges of that style in working with others.

Learn how to adapt your style while under stress—when confronted with someone of an opposite style, a different gender or generation. Equip yourself with the tools to communicate appropriately in just about every business situation. Your col

Events 7
Duration 1 Days

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